Cherish Hospital // Stories from the field

Within the first  couple weeks of being open we have already seen lives changed and saved because of the care our hospital has provided. 

Our first story is of a 11-month-old boy who was brought to us with severe dehydration from a gastroenteritis (Diarrhoea and Vomiting). 

Our doctor, Dr. Clara Komuhangi, reported that "He was very unwell and probably would not have made it another 24 hours. He had been sick for five days, and help from another local clinic was just not working."

When the boy arrived to us, our doctor and team of nurses were able to get an IV started with good fluid resuscitation. We had his mother bring him back the next day and within 24 hours, this 11-month-old's health had done a 180 degree transformation; he was crawling around and playing with the toy cars that we have in our clinic.  

Another patient's story starts with heartbreak but ends with hope: a young mother came to us after just losing her 5-day-old baby to SIDS. She came into the clinic with a septic episiotomy wound. Her eyes were filled with grief but thankfully her pain didn't blind her from recognizing that she was unwell and needed to care for her wound.

We were able to care for her and provide her with a good regimen of antibiotics. After 48 hours we were able to see a marked improvement and she received continued treatment to ensure that she get back to full health. 

In addition to helping her heal physically, she was also able to see our counselor at the Hospital and she has now been started on grief counseling. Prior to our opening, the option of grief counseling did not exist for our community members like this patient. We thank God that he has allowed us to open, to care for His people, and to offer them His hope. We would appreciate prayers for her health and her journey of emotional healing.