Living Victoriously: A Superman Tale


Living Victoriously: A Superman Tale

I wear a variety of hats for Cherish Uganda, I'm in charge of anything from marketing endeavors to accounting. I'm a fundraiser, a creative director, an accountant, and right now, I'm pretending to be a writer..So this is my forewarning-if words and I took a spin on the dance floor, I would be the oversized fellow, swaying off beat and trying to lead with two-left feet. 

For my job, I get to travel to Cherish Uganda to observe developments, hear stores, accumulate content, and gather enough information to equip me to work stateside for the organization. Last month, I packed five bags full of donations and items that I would need for my two-weeks at Cherish. In the space between the donations and the necessities, I padded my suitcases with costumes and fun props. 

You see, I wanted to the kids and I to have fun while capturing photos rather than me simply annoying them from behind the lens as I beg "smile big!" and "sit up straight!"

Among the costumes were three superhero capes that my sister gave me. She knew that my nephew would never notice their absence from his playroom toy chest that overflows with action figures, masks, pirate gear, and plastic swords. 


It was photo day and I was Mary Poppins pulling a wide array of surprises out of my bag. I yanked the capes out and looked up in fear that the boys would be throwing elbows, fighting for the chance to take pictures as a superhero. Among the chaos, there before me, stood no better fit than Peter. 


Peter (the boy pictured above in the Superman costume) arrived to us in early September weighing 19 pounds at age 9. 


In his first few weeks with us, with each email update from Uganda to my desk in the US, I felt as though I was watching Peter's health fall at such a fast rate. His immune system was basically nonexistent, leaving him unable to ward off any illnesses that came his way. His situation was urgent, so we immediately called out to our supporters for prayer.


His body was weak; he was teetering on the ledge of life and tragedy. It was the scene in Superman when the situation is so tense and dire: your hands begin to sweat, the people on the street below scatter around in a frantic chaos, eyes are fixated on the scene above, and then even you question if Superman is among the crowd.


Is Superman watching this? Does he see what's happening here? Where is he? 


Upon his arrival, we found out that Peter's body was also fighting cancer. And there, before our eyes, Peter's health slipped, and he began to fall. 

Peter in September 2015

Peter in September 2015





Next, pneumonia attacked his body.


falling down


gaining more and more momentum


A few weeks in, I got word that Peter had tuberculosis  and he had to stay at a special hospital for some time


falling, falling

 faster, and faster down


the speed seemed unstoppable


I stood as a witness, wondering, when was Christ going to swoop in like Superman to save this boy? 


You've seen this scene on the big screen or felt the suspense jump off a comic book page. There's a moment when all the bystanders on the street hold their breathe. 

 I held mine. Heart beating. Cheeks full. Lungs tight. Eyes wide.

And just when you think it's too late, somewhere along the descend, Superman swoops in and saves a life.


Sometime during Peter's first few months with us, Christ, a greater Superman, swooped in and spared Peter's life. He heard us cry out to Him in prayer,  "Superman where are you? If you are who you say you are, fly in and save him!" 


Jesus knew how Peter's story would play out, He knew the rate of speed at which Peter was falling. He knew where the ground was and that people were watching helplessly from below. He knew of more than we could see from below, and He showed up just in time. 


I, along with many other bystanders, have gotten to be a witness. Together, we got to see Christ rescue Peter and redeem his physical state.


During my recent time spent at Cherish, a team from the UK came to serve for a week.  Many of them had seen our past plea for prayers in posts on social media and had been praying for Peter as well. On our ride to Cherish, the team members and I anticipated the moment when we would get to see Peter. When the time came,  I got to be an onlooker in a Superhero movie, hugging the strangers gathered on the street and rejoicing with cheer because they got to witness the same miracle. 

Peter is a fighter and a lively boy, but the beauty goes beyond the courage he had during his fall; the glory is seen in his rescue. Our kids get to live victoriously at Cherish Uganda because Christ holds the power to save, rescue, redeem, and restore. As an organization we can only do so much; we can provide love, shelter, food to eat, and medical care...but beyond those resources, our most powerful tool is prayer.

Like us, when you feel like hope is fleeting, find peace in the fall, remember He is the one who is strong, know that He is only one call away, and trust that He will swoop in when the timing is right.



***For privacy reasons, the name in this story is changed***

Peter upon arrival in September 2015

Peter upon arrival in September 2015

Peter in March 2016

Peter in March 2016

Thank you to everyone that comes alongside our organization and our kids in prayer. 

Written by: Kasey G., Director of Strategic Partnerships, Cherish Uganda

Inspired by Christ displaying His gospel through our kids' stories, all of our supporters who are the bystanders praying from the streets below, and, funny enough, embarrassed to admit, the lyrics to Charlie Puth's song, "One Call Away" (lyrics featured below) that so perfectly complimented the superhero footage. 


lyrics of One Call away by Charlie Puth

"Come along with me and don't be scared

I just wanna set you free...


No matter where you go

You know you're not alone


I'm only one call away

I'll be there to save the day

Superman got nothing on me

I'm only one call away


And who you're weak I'll be strong

I'm gonna keep holding on

Now don't you worry, it won't be long, Darling

And when you feel like hope is gone

Just run into my arms


I'm only one call away

I'll be there to save the day

Superman got nothing on me

I'm only one, I'm only one call away..."