Does your company ship?

Cherish Uganda has a partner at Reveel that will help you reduce your shipping costs while giving back to Cherish Uganda! 

Reveel operates with the simple goal of leveling the playing field and providing transparency to parcel shippers. 

While previously working for both UPS and FedEx, members of Reveel all witnessed a void in the industry’s approach. From business to business, they observed a lack of visibility into the pricing structures leading to a large discrepancy in discounts between companies of similar volume and shipping characteristics. While some businesses were receiving deep incentives, most businesses ended up paying more without ever knowing. 

Reveel's goal is to change that. By developing a plan combining competitive rates and excellent customer service, Reveel partners with daily shippers Nationwide to ensure that they receive Best-in-Class rates. Similar to an MLS for real-estate, Reveel supports a propitiatory software that allows them to benchmark current carrier data providing true pricing visibility. Through this shipping intelligence, businesses are to drive down cost leading to an increase in margin, profitability, and market share. 

Reveel has helped thousands of companies realize an average annual savings of 15%- 30%. Their clients are not required to change carriers and there are zero consulting fees or upfront costs. They are only compensated a percentage of any realized savings. They don’t get paid unless you save. 

But maybe the best part of all is Reveel is committed to helping the communities where we work and live. Reveel donates a percentage of the savings we procure to Cherish Uganda.


To learn more or set up a consultation please contact:

Cody Seaber, Director of Strategic Partnerships

(214) 405 - 2705

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