Interview with partner: The Chiropractic Centre, Bristol

The Chiropractic Centre gives £1 to Cherish Uganda for every chiropractic appointment or massage session at its facility. This incredible partner of ours goes above and beyond to help us financially and also share our story with its staff and clients via featuring us in their office and on their website. The information in the interview below was provided by Matt Poulter, a director at TCCB who worked with director Charlie Herbert on the original idea to partner with Cherish. Find out more about The Chiropractic Centre, Bristol, here. 

Q: Why did the Chiropractic Centre decide to partner with Cherish Uganda?

A: I was first attracted to Cherish Uganda because it wasn't a charity based on hand outs and medication-it offered everything a child needs to become a strong, confident adult and leader. Reading the stories and listening to Bev Merrill, I realised that the aim wasn't short term, it was to create a generation that can then then help the next through love and education. I felt the impact of this was far greater than the other charities we looked at. As a chiropractor, we have the opportunity to help the local population but after 10 years in practise, I wanted our influence to reach further. I know that a British pound is worth far more in Africa than it is here in the UK; so if my community can have a better quality of life in Bristol as a result of our business, why can't it help others at the same time? We created a long term reliable and sustainable way of supporting a charity that reflects the same long term intention for its community as ours. 


Q: Does having a social good component to your business make a difference in the company culture? 

A: As a result of our relationship with Cherish, the concept of giving and serving runs throughout the team culture. If ever we forget ourselves and get caught up with the "crap and stuff" that occasionally sneaks into life, then Cherish is a lovely and really easy reminder to everyone as to why we do what we do! It helps us get out of our own way as it were and refocus on the bigger picture. Each new team member feels they are contributing to this bigger picture and I genuinely feel we look after our patients and each other to a greater degree. As a result of our relationship with Cherish, three other chiropractors have followed our model as it's been so successful.


Q: What is the client response to the Cherish partnership?

A: Our patients love the whole concept of what we do and feel they are contributing to the greater picture. Both Charlie and I are working on ways we can allow our patients more access to Cherish and feel a bigger part of what they are contributing to. 


Cherish Uganda is honored to have been a partner of the Chiropractic Centre since 2013. If your company might be interested in setting up a give back partnership like the one we have with The Chiropractic Centre, please reach out to our Director of Partnerships, Kasey Givens at 

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