The Importance of the Outreach Package


The chairs will seat beautiful people with beautiful stories.


Last year, we saw more than 1400 people at our medical outreaches. While some people travel far and wide to be seen by a doctor, many of the attendees are locals. Why don't these locals come to our health clinic for an appointment? Sometimes we find that locals are intimidated to enter a health facility that is as nice as ours with clinic staff members as professional as ours. In these cases, the outreaches are a great stepping stone to help the patient realize our sweet and caring clinic staff members will make them feel welcome, no matter what the environment may be.


We also try to focus our medical outreaches on certain groups of people that we know would not have the time to come into our clinic because of their work schedules. We travel down the peninsula to the fisherman, who statistically have higher rates of HIV, or we venture to the top of the peninsula to reach the boda drivers (Ugandan motorcycle taxi drivers) who sit at the top of the road, waiting to take someone on their boda boda. 

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