Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Achilles Sekitoleko!


We have many married couples that both wife and husband work at Cherish Uganda, but we have 3 special couples that actually met on staff at Cherish Uganda! (Including our executive team member, Sam Dratema, and his wife Barbra, who are now expecting their first child!)

Achilles, our counselor, began working for Cherish Uganda at the first start of 2017. He is a very busy and hardworking counselor and a pastor. Achilles counsels at our schools, for our staff, he does grief counseling and HIV counseling at Cherish Health Center.

“Each day when I come in for work and to my counseling room, I start with prayer in my chair to ask God to give me wisdom and to give me the right words to say to people to give them hope. So, when someone goes out with hope it really humbles me so much” - Achilles

Achilles passion for work and God stood out to Florence, who was hired on later, and now assumes our HR manager position. Florence wears a big smile on her face and has a thirst for life that you can’t miss.

On September 8th the two exchanged “I do’s” These two individuals bring so much joy and wisdom to any conversation, so we can’t wait to see how God uses their marriage to bring joy and love to others.

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