"Leader In Me"

The Leader In Me Program

The Leader In Me program is an internationally known “comprehensive school improvement model—developed in partnership with educators—that empowers students with the leadership and life-skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.”

Our teachers have been trained in the Leader in Me program and were very excited about implementing it in their classroom. The program helps students educationally, behaviorally, relationally, and it encourages the families of the students to get involved. Learn more about the Leader In Me program and success stories here.

We believe that the involvement and excitement this month has been a great kick-off to the 2019 school year and an indicator of a what wonderful leaders we are blessed to educate this year. 


We welcomed boys and girls of all ages to run for leadership positions, and we were happily surprised at how many young students had the courage to get in front of their entire student body to campaign.

The students spoke in front of the whole student body telling their classmates about how they would lead in their respective positions. After explaining their platform, they students were then allowed to ask questions to the candidates.

We encourage everyone to be leaders. It’s very cute. You really can see that children like to be leaders if given the opportunity. One boy ran for the school timekeeper position and he doesn’t even know how to tell time! The confidence!
— Teacher Emma

And the Winner is…

One week later, our students gathered around to count the votes for the new leadership positions. The children celebrated with both the winners and their opponents who all had the courage to run!


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