Our Homes

Our homes are the heart of Cherish Uganda. Over fifty children living with HIV live in our Cherish Homes. 

We have

  • 7 on-site homes (4 girls' homes, 3 boys' homes)
  • Up to 8 children live in each home
  • Two moms & One Auntie work in every home

Our children arrive in dire health conditions and often with emotional trauma due to loss or neglect and abuse. The homes are the environment where broken hearts are mended, Truth is spoken, belonging is cemented and hope for the future is cultivated.  

Children remain in our care until they are 18 years-old, or until, our social works find safe, extended family that the child can be resettled with.  

There are many children living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda and lacking either the appropriate medical attention to meet their vulnerable state, a loving family to nourish and care for them or both, and we hope to have many more kid-filled homes.  If you are interested in helping us offer hope to many more orphaned and vulnerable children with HIV by expanding our number of homes, please visit our Give page.


Mothers and Aunties

Cherish Mothers are given full responsibility for their families. Each home has it's own unique personality, with the Gospel remaining at the center. Each Mother aims to raise the children in the knowledge of God as the Father and provider. Cherish Mothers are women who have a unique call to love and embrace children who are not their own. 

Each Cherish Mother is trained and equipped before becoming a part of the Cherish Family. There are two Mothers per home, and they alternate the weeks in which they care for the children.  This is to ensure that after a long week of selfless service and pouring out, they are afforded a week of rest and time with family. In addition to the Mothers, each house has an Auntie, who assists the Mother with her daily duties.

Our Mothers are champions. They breathe life and hope into the lives of children who are often looked down upon due to their circumstance.

A father to the fatherless is God in his holy dwelling; He sets the lonely in families.”
— Psalm 68:5-6

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