Cherish Primary School

In February 2011, the gates of Cherish Primary School, previously named Hope Academy School, opened up to disadvantaged children in the local community who were not enrolled in school. Our selection criteria includes children living with HIV, orphans and vulnerable children living in abject poverty. 

Cherish Primary School:

  • Located on-site at Cherish Uganda
  • Serves more than 250 students
  • Enrolls all Cherish Children and 200+ students from the local community
  • Has a sound, Christian curriculum 

The teachers at Cherish Primary School desire to unlock the imagination of every child that comes through its doors.  It is a school that opens up the windows of opportunity, and creates a thirst for learning. We are committed to educating the most vulnerable children in the local community. We believe that children who attend our school are Uganda's future leaders, innovators and world-changers.

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