Did you know? 

AIDS is now the leading cause of death among adolescents (aged 10-19) in Africa


83% of the total number of adolescents living with HIV globally, reside in sub-Saharan Africa


The average age in Uganda is 15.5 years of age. Uganda is a country full of children, transitioning into their early adolescent years

Cherish High School

Our mission at Cherish Uganda is to care for the HIV+ child. The generation orphaned by the AIDS epidemic is now growing older and in need of quality care at the secondary school level.  

As we witnessed and experienced this problem firsthand with our teenagers at Cherish Uganda, we felt God pushing us to pursue a vision of opening up a high school. 

Cherish High School was a missing piece to our ministry at Cherish Uganda to help  #ChangeTheStory of HIV. Cherish Uganda can now reach the adolescent population through CHS.  

 CHS will be the first school in the world that focuses on empowering, enrolling, and caring for teens with HIV. With students, staff, and volunteers coming from an array of countries with varying backgrounds, Cherish High will be a hub for the redemption story of HIV/AIDS.


Cherish High Interim School

Cherish High Interim School is currently educating 57 students. However, this is only a temporary solution until the building begins for the facility. 

Our Partner: eMi

Engineering Ministries International, eMi, is a nonprofit organization with a team of engineers, land surveyors, projects managers, and architects who donate their time to work on building projects in the developing world. Cherish Uganda has partnered with eMi in the past to design and build 2 of the 7 Cherish homes, as well as Cherish Hospital. 

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At full capacity, Cherish High School will enroll 300 Students per yer, students with and without HIV, and students from Uganda as well as other Sub-Saharan African Countries.

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CHS will have a Christian, Classical-style curriculum with the addition of unique specialty classes focused on entrepreneurship so that our students can be the future creative leaders in their communities.  

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Cherish Uganda is excited to build a Kingdom culture at CHS for our staff and students. At Cherish Uganda, we have witnessed God transform lives, and our hope is for God to continue radically redeeming stories at CHS. 

More info on CHS Coming Soon! 

Stay tuned for more information on Cherish High School and its development! If you want to be among the first to  #AwakenTheLegacy at Cherish High School and help Cherish Uganda #ChangeTheStory of HIV, please let us know how you want to help! 


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