The Full Wishlist: 12 Needs

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Items Under $100


Children's Knee High Socks

Need 200 pairs


Each child wears these socks for school and often church.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 11.17.50 AM.png

Sports Balls

Need 50+


Need soccer balls, volleyballs, and net balls (a game similar to basketball)

Exceeded funding at $1,141!


Head shaving kit

Need 2

$52 each

Children are required to have their heads shaved for school, so we are using our clippers all school year!

Exceeded funding at $747!


Patient Stretcher

Need 2

$67 each


Fully funded at $134! 



Need 20

$91 each

Used for students in boarding school at Cherish High School.


Fully funded at $1,827!


Items Under $500


Office Fans

Need 1 Set


With no AC, the office gets hot! Help us cool off with some new office fans. 

Fully Funded at $158!


School Field Trips

Need 6

$269/field trip

Exceeded funding at $1,786!


Teacher Trainings

Need 8


Exceeded funding at $2,259!


School Computers

Need 4+


Fully Funded at $1400!


"Lunch on Me"



It costs $390/day to feed our entire staff of 114 people and any guests on-site! 


Items Under $10,000


Childcare Trainings

Need 1


Trainings for the staff working closely with the children in our Short-Term Care Facility.


Boda Boda (Motorcycle)

Need 1


Allows for our medical staff to do at home follow-up for patients living in hard to reach areas of the local villages.

Fully funded at $1,100!


Outreach Package

Need 1


Includes tents, chairs and  megaphones for medical outreaches and community events.


Office Supplies

Need 1


Includes current office needs such as, updated Quickbooks, computers, a printer, external hard drives, etc. 


Ultrasound Machine

Need 1



Fully Funded at $9,200!

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Additional Information on Wishlist Items


"Lunch on Me"

It costs us roughly $390 to serve lunch to our 114 staff members and any additional visitors on-site. These meals are so important, because many of our staff members rely on these meals to sustain them during the week. Since lunch costs add up over the year, we would be so grateful if you helped us lighten our load by treating us to lunch!


Office Supplies, $6100

Our administrative team is in need of some love! The Cherish Uganda office is due for a tech update; we need computers, a printer, external hard drives, and an updated version of Quickbooks! Any additional funds donated will pay for new office furniture




Outreach Package, $3621

We need tents and chairs for medical outreaches, school gatherings, and HIV awareness events. This package is incredibly important; these chairs will hold up people whose legs become weak when they find out they have HIV, these tents will offer shade to those who wait for hours to see the doctor, and the megaphone will be the way in which the temporary clinic is announced when our staff drives around the villages.


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