Christmas in July with Cherish Uganda 

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5 Gifts Under £100


Birthday Party = £14

Celebrating a birthday for a child with HIV is a big deal. Most of our kids come to us when their HIV has progressed and they aren't sure if they're going to make it; so we want to celebrate all of our birthdays right. 

For birthday parties, our children celebrate by having a meal of their choice, inviting their friends over, and sharing this meal. 


£28 = Bedding & Towels  

For many of our children with HIV, when they come into our homes for the first time, many of them have never slept in a real bed before. We want to make them feel special with fresh sheets and towels. Like any child, wetting the bed is common, so we often need to replace sheets for children. 


£19 = 25 Baby Chicks

The more chickens we have, the more healthy eggs we have to feed our Cherish children, our students, our staff, and to sell locally as a form of sustainability. 

£55 = A Year of Lunch

& snacks for a Student

You can feed a Cherish Primary student for a FULL year! Many of our students rely on school for the majority of their meals. When are students have full bellies, they perform better in the classroom. 


School Uniforms: £17 

It is standard in Uganda for students to have uniforms sets. A uniform set includes: formal uniform attire, PE clothes, a sweater, and socks.


Under £50

(1) 25 New Chicks

Cost: £19
Need: (4)  Have (7)

(2) New Shoes
Cost: £11
Need (50) Have (36) 

(3) Birthday Party
Cost: £14
Need (50) Have (4)

(4) Bedding & Towels
Cost: £28
Need (50) Have (15)

(5) Uniform Kit
Cost: £17
Need (30) Have (4)

(6) 3 Sports Balls
Cost: £18
Need (17 Sets) Have (2)

(7) Plastic Chairs for Events and Health Clinics
Cost: £49 for 10 chairs
Need (15) Have (1)

Under £500

(8) Year of Lunches & Snacks
Cost: £55/Student
Need (30) Have (13)

(9) Printers
Cost: £63/Printer
Need (8) Have (2)

(10) Dining Tables
Cost: £160/Table
Need (5) Have (5)

(11) First Aid Kits
Cost: £211
Need (1) Have (1)

(12) Swimming Lessons
Cost: £340
Need (3) Have (1)

(13) Field Trip
Cost: £455
Need (2) Have (0)

Under £1300

(14) Gas for Vehicles
Cost: £751/Month
Need (1) Have (0)

(15) Office Furniture
Cost: £930
Need (1) Have (0)

(16) Intercom System
Cost: £1057
Need (1) Have (0)

(17) Boda/Motorcycle
Cost: £1140
Need (1) Have (0)

(18) Hire a Nurse
Cost: £1175
Need (1) Have (0)

(19) Help Pay A Mom's Salary
Cost: £1290
Need (1) Have (0)


(20) Help Fund a Teacher's Salary
Cost: £1898
Need (1) Have (1) 

(21) Resettlement Home
Cost: £ TBD
(price differs case by case email for price estimate) 
Need (3) Have (0) 

(22) New Office Roof
Cost: £1480
Need (1) Have (0) 

(23) Staff Retreat
Cost: £3036
Need (1) Have (0) 

(24) New Van
Cost: £6342
Need (1) Have (1)

(25) Chemistry Machine
Cost: £6130
Need (1) Have (1)

Donating from the US? No problem, click here! 

The quantities above will be updated daily


Info on high priority Wishlist Items 

Have any additional questions on the items on our wishlist? Please reach out to our Director of Partnership, Kasey Givens at

 Our driver arrives to Cherish with a new Cherish Child who is welcomed by her new brothers and sisters

Our driver arrives to Cherish with a new Cherish Child who is welcomed by her new brothers and sisters

Gas for Vehicles

Our transport vehicles are very important at Cherish Uganda. Our vans serve as a bus system, going down the long village road to pick up our staff members that travel from nearby villages and towns. The vans also transport the volunteers that come and serve on our team trips and our staff members as they have to go into town to buy supplies such as food, clothes, school supplies, and have meetings. Most importantly, our vehicles transport kids with HIV who are in dire health conditions.   It takes gas to get a child to a doctors appointment for something our health centre cannot treat. Donating towards gas might not sound glamorous, but we could not function without the constant running of our vehicles. 

Cost: £751/month

All Staff Retreat

Our team works hard to be the body of Christ to serve our kids and our students. Staff retreats are very important to encourage and get your staff on the same page. Due to budget cuts we had to unfortunately put our all-staff retreat on hold so that funds can go directly toward serving our children and students. We are looking to take our staff on a mission and vision focused weekend retreat where we can play games, spend quality time with Jesus, talk about how we can work better as a team, and encourage our team members. 

Estimated Cost: £3036



Chemistry Machine

A Chemistry Analyzer is on the top of our priority list for items needed at our health centre. For HIV positive patients, the liver is overworked as the patients' body has to process a variety of medications every single day. The Chemistry Analyzer allows our clinic team to monitor the health of internal organs like the liver to ensure that our patients' and children's bodies are functionally as well as they can. 

Cost: £6130