The Full Wishlist: 12 Needs

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Items Under £79



Need 360


Each Tuesday, our clinic is open for vaccination appointments. We see roughly 60 babies and toddlers every month for vaccinations, and we know this number could increase if we could offer the vaccinations every day, instead of just on Tuesdays. To do so, we need a fridge in our clinic to store the vaccines, as well as another life saver- antivenom for snake bites. We tried estimating an average appointment cost of what fridge storage would cost us. Help gift life saving vaccines for children in need for the remainder of 2019.

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Sports Uniforms

Need 50+


Our students need sports jerseys and shoes to compete in football (US soccer) competitions with other schools.


Boarding School Kit

Need 70+

£38 each

Boarding school students need twin sized sheet sets and towels for the school year. Not all of these children are able to provide their own, so we’d like to have uniform sets for all future boarding students.


Staff Uniforms

Need 40+

£51 each

Whether it's scrubs and a lab coat for our medical team, or gumboots, a water bottle, and raincoats for our compound staff, uniforms are needed at Cherish for the safety of our employees.


Items Under £400


Cooking Equipment

Need 5+ Saucepans


The Cherish cooks prepare and serve over 600 meals at Cherish every day! This team needs new cooking equipment that can keep up with the demand!


Solar Security Lights

Need 10


Cherish always has security on-site to patrol the premises. It'd be significantly safer and more efficient if we had solar-powered security lights around our grounds and as the security checkpoints.


Misc. Office Supplies

Need 1


From computer chargers and adapters to back up hard drives, the office supplies aren’t "glamorous,” but we couldn’t run Cherish without them.


Portable Vein Scanner

Need 1


Portable Vein Scanners will be useful at our clinic and outreaches, especially when it comes to drawing blood in pediatric appointments. Help ease our patients nerves and make a job easier for our staff with a portable vein scanner.


Items Under £10,000



Need 1


Help Cherish compound staff increase efficiency when it comes to keeping Cherish looking beautiful!


Speaker System

Need 2


We need speaker systems for our administrative office and school buildings. Help liven up our school and office with announcements and music.


Fuel for 2019

Need 1


We could not operate without fuel for the vehicles. We estimate that the cost of fuel for the remainder of the year is $9,615. Help get children safely to specialty doctors appointments, get social workers out to families, and staff safely to work by donating toward our fuel fund.


Small Car

Need 1


We are wanting to buy buy a small vehicle with good gas mileage for taking children to specialty appointments, for small errands, and miscellaneous work runs into the city.



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