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Cherish Children Related Questions

Are you an orphanage? 

No, the majority of our kids have some extended family member. We see it as our job to fond those family members, figure out what led to the separation and empower those families to be reunited.  

We are similar to an extended rehab facility. We take in children with HIV who are in dire need of emotional or physical care and they remain in our care (on average, for a couple years) until our social work team deems it safe and appropriate for the child to be resettled back with family. 

What happens when the child turns 18?

Before a child reaches the age of 18 our social work team works hard to ensure that the child is prepared to enter society and take care of their health. By their later teen years, our Cherish children are enrolled in Cherish High School or a vocational school and they only go back home on their term breaks, allowing a transition back into the community from which they came. 

Where do the children under your care come from?

Many of the kids in our care are referred to Cherish Uganda by hospitals, clinics, and organizations throughout the country. At Cherish Uganda we have an ongoing waitlist for kids to be brought into our 24/7 home based care, but children can move up the waitlist due to the severity of their need. 

The children living at Cherish Homes come from all regions of the country. Our social work team works with the families of each child in our care, so they visit communities all over Uganda. 

What is resettlement?

Many of the children at Cherish Uganda may have lost one or both parents to HIV, but most have a grandmother, aunt, uncle, etc. still alive.

While Cherish spends months to years rehabilitating the child, our social work team seeks out these extended family members to see if we can "resettle" the child back into a family environment. 

Our social work team will assess the situation to see what needs to be done before the child is resettled back with family. Does the family not have a safe place to live? Let’s get a team to visit to build a home for them. Does the family not have a stable enough income to support the kind of diet a child with HIV needs? Let’s help them start a small business or a garden to grow their own food. Is this family hesitant to take their child because they fear caring for someone with HIV? Let’s educate the family on the myths of HIV and how to care for someone with it. Can the family not afford to get the child to his/her hospital visits? Let’s pay for transport so that the child can get their Antiretroviral Medication.

Once the family is prepared and empowered, the child is resettled with the family.

Cherish CEO, Brent Phillips, writes on Resettlement on our blog. Read the story by clicking here. 

What is HIV?

Check out our Understanding HIV Page Here  or by clicking on the button below to gain an understanding of this Human Immunodeficiency Virus and answers to your other  your HIV-Related questions. 

General Questions

How do you find your staff in Uganda?

On-site in Uganda, we are fully Ugandan led and run. We try to hire from the local community as much as possible. 

For other job positions, we find employees through word of mouth, referralls, by posting in the newspaper and online job boards. 

How can I get involved? 

There are many ways you can help at Cherish Uganda! To name a few: share our story, partner with us financially, plan a trip to Cherish Uganda, fundraise for Cherish, or host us to speak at an event! 

How can my business partner with Cherish? 

We have partnered with all kinds of businesses over the years! From jewelry companies, coffee roasters, a Chiropractic Centre, to a shipping consulting firm, all our partners have made huge impact on Cherish Uganda. Our partners notice a more positive company culture as their employees feel a deeper sense of purpose knowing their work is connected to a larger cause. 

Whether you're looking for a short-term, long-term, or a one time financial gift partnerships, please contact Brent Phillips at

Are there any open job positions or internships?

Check our Job Board for openings.

Nonprofit Status Related Questions

Are you a registered 501(c)(3) in the US?


In the US we are registered as a 501(c)(3) under the name "Cherish A Child USA" Our EIN is 27-1976622. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

How are you funded?

The majority of our funding comes from individuals just like you! Our donors are normal, everyday people who believe in our mission and are committed to being a part of our community so that God can change lives in Uganda. While some supporters give once a year, most donors give on a monthly basis to help us plan and forecast for our annual budgets. 

A small portion of our funding comes from churches, business partnerships, and events such as The Rhapsody in Red Charity Ball hosted in Dallas, Texas.