The building of Cherish High School has been a longtime dream at Cherish Uganda. Cherish High School is the first ever school focused on enrolling and serving teens with HIV/AIDS. Enrolling both HIV-positive and HIV-negative teens, Cherish High Interim School began in 2016 with 15 students and has grown to 57 students for the 2018 school year.

Enjoy this short documentary that explains the story of Cherish and our dreams of expanding Cherish High School!

Coworkers from California travel all the way to Uganda to serve with Cherish Uganda. The Planning Center Team helped us build a home for a boy that used to live in our Cherish Homes, but had an opportunity to be reunited with his older sister if only they had a safe place to live.
Cherish Uganda welcomed its first kids in 2007. We are celebrating our 10th birthday this 2017 at Cherish Uganda. Cherish exists to restore life and inspire hope for a future for children living with HIV. Over the past 10 years, we have grown into serving Uganda's youth and our community through: Cherish Homes, Cherish Schools, and Cherish Clinic.