The Cherish Story

In 2006, while visiting Uganda from the UK, Bev Murrill stood over the crib of a deathly ill, HIV positive child. Impacted by the social stigma and mortality rate associated with children suffering from HIV, Bev returned to the UK with a burden for what she saw and a dream to start an organization to help these children. When arriving back in the UK, Bev shared the story of what she experienced with her church, and thirty members felt called to the cause. Out of the original 30 philanthropists, nine of them traveled from the UK to Uganda to organize and plan. Rachel Parsons was appointed as the leader of the group, and just one year later in 2007, the first children arrived, marking the official opening of Cherish Uganda. 

Cherish Uganda is a faith-based, Christian NGO, that exists to bring hope and a future to children living with HIV. We are governed by a board of directors including both Ugandan and international members. Our leading team and management are made up of both National and International staff, united by purpose, passion, calling and faith in Christ. 

Cherish Uganda is affiliated to Christian Growth International, a network of churches from which the vision and inspiration for Cherish Uganda was birthed. 

 Dorothy & Teopista 

We are based in Bulega Village in Wakiso District, Uganda.  The work of Cherish Uganda begins with our homes. a place where to demonstrate that if children living with HIV/AIDS are cherished, they can embrace futures of promise.  Currently, we have over 40 children living on-site, where they live in homes headed by Uganda house mothers, receive the necessary medical attention and grow up in an environment flooded with the love of Jesus.  We desire to disciple the children living on-site with the message of the Gospel and raise up future leaders.  It is our hope that our homes will be the foundation on which we can advocate for and be a voice for children living with HIV/AIDS.  

Cherish Uganda is also the home of Cherish Primary School, which educates the children living in our homes, as well as the most vulnerable children living in the surrounding communities that lack access to education.  We believe that every child should be cherished and supported with the essentials to achieving their dreams.  Cherish Primary School strives to afford such opportunities to vulnerable individuals and embrace the privilege of sharing the Gospel through education.  

The newest development at Cherish Uganda is our Cherish Hospital.  This is our response to the community around us living with high-risk conditions such as HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, malaria and tuberculosis.  It will also provide the necessary medical attention and healthcare required of the kids living on-site who are HIV positive.  We believe that the Lord will be faithful in making this dream a reality.    

Our three ministries

The mission of Cherish Uganda embraces and fashions itself around all three of our ministries:  Cherish Homes, Cherish Primary Schoool and Cherish Hospital.

Cherish Homes

Our homes are the heartbeat of Cherish Uganda. Currently, we have seven homes that house 8 HIV positive children, 2 House Moms, and 1 Auntie. This is our chance to provide home-based care for our children that live with us. Our homes are designed to be a place of love, discipleship, inspiration, learning and awareness. It is here that the Lord takes HIV positive children living in devastating circumstances and rewrites their stories to ones of hope. Our mission for the children living in our on-site homes is that every individual has access to ARV's, holistic care, and quality of life, with the hope that each child will flourish in the embrace of a family marked by discipleship and the love of Christ. 

Cherish Primary School

Cherish Primary School seeks to educate "the least of these," as identified in Scripture. Due to abject poverty, many children in Uganda are robbed of the right to receive an education.  In addition, orphaned and abandoned children living with HIV are often denied the opportunity to attend school.  Cherish's school is about taking the least likely to access education and set them in an environment where dreams come alive, imaginations grow, creativity is celebrated, critical thinking is encouraged and leaders are made. Our school offers a Biblical curriculum, quality education, skilled teachers and enriching material to students that would not have access to education otherwise, and therefore, opens its doors to all the children living on-site, as well as to the surrounding community of Bulega Village.

Cherish Hospital

The mission of Cherish Hospital is to enrich the health of high-risk communities by providing a continuum of care for children and caregivers, especially those living with HIV, and to empower local healthcare workers through education and training. Cherish Hospital will help to provide essential care to the children living at our homes and will serve the community at large. Cherish Hospital will transform the way in which the children living on-site, as well as our neighboring communities, access and receive healthcare, with an emphasis on high-quality medical treatment as it meets the needs of Uganda's most vulnerable.

Cherish A Child UK

Registered Charity Number: SC039083

Cherish A Child USA

Cherish A Child USA is a registered 501(c)(3) in the US. 

Cherish A Child USA EIN: 27-1976622

Jesus called the children to Him and said, β€˜Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’”
— Luke 18:16