Cherish is so grateful for YOU and your partnership! We are so thankful for each of our peer to peer fundraisers who want to rally around Cherish this holiday season.

Cherish Primary School is where our students learn who they are in Christ. It’s where they learn the skills and knowledge they need to build their futures. It’s the beginning of a new legacy.

The Building A Legacy campaign will launch on Giving Tuesday, November 27th, and will end on December 31st with a goal of raising $30,000.

We are hoping you all can help us achieve this goal! We are asking that each peer-to-peer fundraiser sets a goal of around $1000. This number is not a requirement; if you are more comfortable asking for less, feel free to, or if you want to raise $5,000 please go right ahead!


Cherish Uganda first opened its Cherish Primary School to 3 students in a small standing building where Cherish Primary School is currently located. Since the beginning, its student base has consisted of both the HIV+ children in Cherish’s care along with non-HIV+ poor and vulnerable students in its community. Today, the school has about 230 students, 93 of whom are HIV+ and receiving treatment. The remaining students are living in poverty within the village that Cherish is located.


Our current school is deteriorating and too small.

Our classrooms are growing crowded and the current learning environment is not ideal for students. Because of our efforts to break the stigmas associated with people living with HIV in our community, and because our school offers a quality education, more and more non-HIV+ local children are being enrolled in our school every term. (Today, more than 60% of our student population consists of students who aren’t living with HIV.)


A new primary school.

In order to provide our students with a bigger, better and healthier learning environment, we need to build a new primary school. By using clay bricks (instead of mud) and a skilled team of architects and builders (EMI) who are accustomed to building in the humid, equatorial environment, we can build a school that will stand the test of time and continue educating children for generations to come.



Choosing & Setting Up Your Fundraising Page

There are two easy options for setting up and tracking your personal fundraising: Kindful (our Cherish giving platform) and Facebook (maybe you’ve heard of it)! Below you’ll find the instructions and pros and cons on both.



Kindful is the fundraising platform we use at Cherish. You can create a customizable fundraising page through Kindful that will help you track your donations.

We recommend fundraising through Kindful because it will easily record a donor’s information through our system and stores giving history for tax deductible purposes.

For an example page: Click Here

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 2.06.20 PM.png


A Facebook Fundraiser is done through your Facebook page. This fundraising option is easy and effective because it notifies your friends via Facebook of your goal and updates on your goal. Some people find it convenient to give through Facebook, but others are skeptical of putting their credit card information into Facebook.


Step 2

Email out a “Why”

Kick off your personal fundraiser with a personalized email on Giving Tuesday, the 27th of November. In your email, make sure to include information on Cherish Uganda, a link to our website, information on the Building a Legacy: Brick by Brick campaign, and most importantly, the reason why you’re choosing to fundraise for Cherish. Your friends and family will give because they love YOU, so make sure the majority of the email is about YOUR personal experience with Cherish and your love for the ministry!

Also, don’t forget to include a link to your personal fundraising page!

Step 3

Post to Social Media

Posting to social media gets the word out to your larger circle, and it will take more than one post for your friends and followers to hear your message. Make a post on Facebook and/or Instagram, post updates to your story, or choose to go LIVE!

Going LIVE might sound intimidating for you, but it does get a lot of feedback and engagement because it’s a genuine way to relay information.

Step 4

Follow up via Email

During your fundraiser, you can send out updates on your campaign via email. It’s best to send thank you emails to the people who do give during your campaign. You can also send written thank you cards after the campaign is finished.

In your follow up emails, it’s nice to include more information on Cherish or HIV, an update on where you’re at with your goal and how many days are left in the campaign.

Step 5

Thank you, Thank you!

Everyone is different in how they post on social media. If you feel comfortable highlighting large donors, go for it! If you want to send out a general update at the end of your campaign, that’s great too.


Below you can find everything you’ll need for your fundraising page, emails, and social media posts! If you think of something that we did not include, please email us at info@cherishuganda.org



If you have visited Cherish, we recommend posting your personal photos from your time in Uganda! In addition, feel free to use any photos in the Google drive below! Make sure to tag us in your photos!


Facts, Stats, Quotes

We have a list of facts, statistics, and quotes you can use for your posting. Don’t feel obligated to use any of these, but we figured we’d supply you with interesting numbers and information on HIV.


Do’s and Don’ts of posting

Some of the items from this list are recommended, and some are required! Make sure to read through the posting guide to help you draft your posts.