The 6:3 Exchange


The 6:3 Exchange

The 6:3 Exchange is a monthly opportunity to lift up children and students at Cherish Uganda through sponsorship.

Through the 6:3 Exchange, we’re redefining how child sponsorship works by centering it on Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:3: “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”

Through this unique exchange, a child will never know that they have a sponsor.

Our aim is to support children financially while preserving their dignity. We also want to protect unsponsored children from feeling undervalued or envious of children with sponsors.

We also want to prevent creating a ‘sponsorship mindset’ of dependency and entitlement, while safeguarding each child’s sense belonging.

It takes a special person to sponsor a child through the 6:3 Exchange. We’re grateful for people like you who are willing to make a sacrifice in exchange for the knowledge that a child’s future will be forever transformed.

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Sponsor A Child Today!

$50 / £38


The Challenge

Cherish’ students are among the most vulnerable children in Uganda. Approximately 23% of our primary students and 70% of our high school students are HIV-positive. The remaining children are living in extreme poverty within our community.

These are the children who are the least likely to receive an education. HIV+ students experience severe bullying and stigmatization in traditional Ugandan school settings while impoverished students can’t afford Ugandan school fees.

Our Solution

Our solution is to offer love, discipleship, healthcare, education, and short-term care to abandoned children waiting to be resettled into a loving home. Our HIV+ children are all on their anti-viral medications and have a 99% survival rate. Today, most of them have undetectable viral loads, meaning their treatment is working!

Students from impoverished families are receiving nutritious meals along with a good education. All of our children are also learning about the love and hope of Jesus Christ through our daily discipleship program. (We baptized 50 children, students, and staff this past year!)

Our solution is working, but we need your help!

Why Sponsor?

The 6:3 Exchange offers an opportunity to provide discipleship, health, and a quality education to a Cherish child. It’s an easy way to give back while making a lasting impact on a child and an eternal impact in the Kingdom. Partnering with us for $50 a month will give each student the gift of an education in an environment where they are valued, celebrated and encouraged to achieve their God-given potential.


Signing up from the UK?

Cherish Uganda is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent the law allows.

"When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing." Matthew 6:3,


Any Additional Questions?


Q: Will I know who I’m sponsoring?

A: Because we want to preserve the dignity of our children, we feel revealing their identity is not in their best interest. But we will be sharing profile stories about all of our children with all of our sponsors through our monthly 6:3 Exchange Newsletter.

Q: Can I write letters to my sponsor child?

A: Because we don’t want our children to know they’re sponsored and we want to avoid opportunities that would might cause them to feel envious, or undervalued, we request that no letters be sent sponsored children. But we’ll be sharing news about our students and schools with you through our monthly 6:3 Exchange Newsletter.

Q: Can I meet the children at Cherish?

A: Absolutely. You’re more than welcome to come to Cherish and visit with the children. However, the children would remain unaware that you are a sponsor. Learn more about serving at Cherish at

Q: Does my donation go directly toward the care of my sponsored child?

A: Great question! Your donation goes toward all our students. This way, if "Child A" is partially sponsored while "Child B" is fully sponsored, both children can be equally cared for. If our sponsorship needs have been met, Cherish will use the funds where they’re most needed.