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A Word from Brent Phillips

Impact: verb /imˈpakt/ To have a strong effect on someone or something. To spend any resource, be it time, money, or effort, and not have impact, is a waste of resource. The purpose of this report is to share with you the impact of the resources invested in Cherish Uganda.

This recipients of this report are two different audiences – those that have invested resources in Cherish and those who might. We want to lay out some of the ways that your invested resource has had a strong effect on someone or something. We don’t want to be an organization that just does good things through schools, a health center and a program that walks alongside of families. We want to be a ministry that loves and disciples people and uses your investment in schools, a health center and a program that walks alongside of families to truly change the lives of so many, all for the sake of the kingdom of God. So, spend a few minutes taking a look at what you have done, what you will do, and what you could do as you provide a hope and a future for children living with HIV in Uganda.


Brent Phillips

Cherish Uganda CEO

Cherish Health Center

A look at 2018 by the numbers at Cherish Health Center


5,630 Patients

seen at Cherish Health Center in 2018


2,374 Tested

for HIV through Cherish Health Center outreaches and appointments. Of the 2374, 159 patients tested positive for HIV


8 Outreaches

were put on by our Cherish Health Center team to reach out to new communities in the area


60 Babies

(on average) are immunized every month. Tuesdays are our designated weekly immunization day at Cherish Health Center

Cherish Schools

We have seen lives change, minds grow, and children thrive spiritually through Cherish Primary School and Cherish High School! Cherish High School continues to grow as we head into the 2019 school year!


Cherish Life Program

Cherish Life Program launched in 2018, replacing the former Cherish Homes ministry.




Financials & Contact Info

At Cherish Uganda we are all about financial integrity and transparency! We think that by donating through Cherish you’re getting quite the bang for your buck! Your donations helps employ over 100 Ugandan employees, allows over 300 students to be served through our two schools, gives families a resource for HIV care, and offers quality healthcare to an underserved community…all while sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! We serve people in the community practically, by meeting their physical needs, but our heart is in creating a Kingdom Culture of spreading Christ’s love and truth throughout each of our ministries.

Check out our financial statements page for updated audits from the 2018 year from the US and the UK. If you have any questions at all, please reach out!

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