Come serve at Cherish Uganda!

God has moved in incredible ways here, and we want to invite you in to be a part of our story and a witness to how He is working here at Cherish Uganda.


1. Live the Rhythm


If you want a highly relational experience, come “Live the Rhythm” at Cherish for a week and experience first-hand what life is like on-site by helping and working alongside our staff.  LTR is not so much an introduction to Cherish, but a ministry of presence, relationship and service together. Cherish is an operating village, where help is always appreciated to complete the many tasks that are required in order to maintain day-to-day life here. In an attempt to build community and see the Gospel of redemption and healing lived out at Cherish, we invite you to experience an educational, participatory and two-way exchange between the Cherish family and your team. 

Each team member will rotate during the week experiencing Cherish’s various programs and groundwork. Team members will join in on the tasks already at hand, all the while connecting with the hearts of our staff. Once you experience serving in this capacity, you will desire nothing less. 

*If your team has an area of expertise (i.e. your team is made up of medical professionals, teachers, etc.) then we will endeavor to match your skill-set to a need and have you serve at Cherish in that respective area.


2. Build A Home


 If building is your thing, then we have a building project for you! In 2018, we hope to complete several building projects and we need your help to do so! 

If we deem it safe for the child, we try and hope to see Cherish children reunited with any extended family that we can find and reunite them with. However, some of these families do not have ideal living situations. Before we resettle a child with their extended family, we make sure the conditions are safe and livable. 

If your team comes on a construction trip, you will spend a few days at Cherish Uganda and a few days off-site, in a village, where your team will work from start to finish on a building project. This authentic, cultural experience is great for a team that is not scared to get their hands dirty. At the end of the week you will have given a family a gift of a transformed home.  This option gives you the opportunity to not only bless our organization with your help, but to bless a child, a family, a village community, and generations to come! 


When I went to Uganda to rebuild a home for a boy from Cherish, I didn’t realize the experience and people would rebuild me.
— Will Dos Santos, 2017 Volunteer
I’ve seen miracles here every day...I encourage anybody who wants to put some effort into the Kingdom of God to put some effort into Cherish.
— Rob Price, 2016 volunteer
I wish everyone could witness this Heaven on earth...Each story will cause you to kneel in gratefulness and for the inquiring of miracles.
— Pia Molina, 2012 & 2014 Volunteer

Details for team trips

  • Teams are made up of 3-12 people ages 16+

  • Teams typically arrive on a Saturday, staying with us for 7 days

  • Teams are welcome to come during February-NovemberDecember and January are closed to team trips

  • If you are an individual that wants to visit but does not have a team, we would be more than happy to try and connect you with a team that has an open spot available

  • Excursion options are available for teams that wish to see more of Uganda after serving at Cherish  


Already have your trip planned? Visit our Teams Page for all of the information you'll need to prep for your trip