Visitor's Checklist 

We are so excited that you are visiting Cherish Uganda! As you are prepping for your trip, this page will be your go to for everything you need to know about making the journey the beautiful country of Uganda.

(1) All About Me Form

We require all of our visitors to fill out the All About Me form so that we can accommodate you to the best of our abilities. 

(2) Team Leader Form

If you are the designated Team Leader for your trip, please fill out the following form. If you are not the team leader, don't worry about this step! 


(3) Download the Visitor's packet

Download and print the Cherish Uganda Visitor's Guide. This guide will answer all of your traveling FAQs and will help prepare you for your visit. 


(4) Apply for a Travel Visa

Before visiting Uganda, apply for your travel visa here! 



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Are you fundraising for your trip?

If you need help fundraising, check out our personal fundraising pages you can create through our giving system, Kindful. They are very user friendly and is a way for you to give friends and family a place to give online to support your trip. 


Final Checklist: 

Did you...

(ONE) Complete the All About Me Form?

(TWO) Download and read through the Visitor's packet

(THREE) Get your Yellow Fever shot (and whichever additional shots you might choose to get)? We also recommend taking a daily Malaria medication. 

(FOUR) Apply for your Travel Visa?


During Your Stay

From posting photos to enjoying your stay, no question is to silly to ask. Feel free to reach out to Leah Phillips, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns during your stay. 

Sharing The Story

As a visitor at Cherish Uganda you'll play a huge role in helping us get our story out to the world! Please make sure to tag us in your photos that you post! 

Find us on Facebook and Instagram @CherishUganda and use our hashtag, #ChangeTheStory to help us change the story of HIV

We could always use more photos from your experience for our social media accounts,  if you'd like to share the, please email photos to our Director of Marketing and Communications


Banana Village is located within just a few miles of Cherish Uganda. Just a short drive away, Banana Village is safe, guarded, and enjoyable. Banana Village is always hosting teams who are serving in the surrounding area, and their familiarity with Cherish and ability to serve groups is why we have chosen Banana Village as our local accommodation of choice for those visiting Cherish.

Banana Village, Click here to view their website


After Your Trip

We would greatly appreciate it if you could help us after your trip by filling out this feedback form. We really do value and benefit from you sharing your experience, so please give us your honest and helpful advice and/or encouragement!