General Overview

About Cherish Uganda


Cherish Uganda is a faith-based initiative that focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of children with HIV/AIDS. HIV+ children whom are abandoned and neglected are brought into our care through our short-term rehabilitation facility. Since the institutionalization of children is extremely detrimental to growth and development, our goal is a family for every child. Family reunification, foster-care, or adoption is the path that each of the children in our care will ultimately take. We support each child and family through our Family Strengthening Center, our primary school, high school andhealth center.

Over the past 10 years, through our team of 114 Ugandans leading on the ground, our small UK and US based offices, and the partnerships of UG, UK & US based businesses, churches and individuals, we have managed to be a part of the transformation of thousands of people. We are changing the story of HIV in the lives of those in our facility, in our community, and in our nation. We would count it an honor for you to join the team that endeavors to Connect, Care, Change and Continue.



Brent Phillips
CEO, Cherish Uganda


Our 4 Core Values

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Connect with Christ

Discipleship is at the core of everything we do. We deeply desire to help our children and staff connect with Christ in a meaningful way that celebrates who He is & who we are in Him. 


Care for Children

Caring for children with HIV is what we do. And when it comes to caring, we want it to go well beyond good nutrition, quality healthcare, excellent education and a safe place to call home. We want our children to be cared for in a deep way that addresses their individual needs in a holistic way.


Change the Story

We want to help change the story that has been written in many of the lives of our children and staff members. We want to help rid the stigma of HIV and help create a redemption story for these kids, a story where the light of hope outshines any darkness that has covered their past. 


Continue the Calling

There is more to life than today, so we want everything we do at Cherish Uganda to be sustainable and to have an eternal perspective. From relationships to investments, we want these commitments to be made with longevity and the bigger picture in mind. 


We are 100% Ugandan Run on-site

As of 2016, we became 100% Ugandan-run on-site at Cherish Uganda. We have built an incredibly, hardworking staff of 114 Ugandans to carry out the good work God is doing at Cherish Uganda.