Cherish Health Centre

Cherish Health Centre is the collaborative vision of Cherish Uganda and Dr. Carol Chen, to provide high-quality, accessible healthcare to individuals living in Bulega Village and the Wakiso District of Uganda.

 The goal of Cherish Hospital is two-fold:  

1) To focus on local health issues with the greatest impact including malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis

2) To invest in the education of local health professionals and community members.  

With an emphasis on both prevention and care, Cherish Health Centre will be a community center, reflecting the core principles of health, healing hope and love.

Cherish Hospital Development

Cherish Hospital is in phase one of its three development phases.  The first phase is the Outpatient Health Centre.  This includes Care and Treatment, Nutritional Support and Training and Mobilization.  The second phase of the Cherish Health Center is the Inclusion of Ancillary Services and Prevention of Maternal to Child Transmission (PMTCT) Services.  The third phase of development will provide Inpatient Hospital Care.  Learn More Here




Help Make This Dream A Reality

Healthcare is a vital need not only for the kids living on-site at Cherish Uganda, but for our community at large. We believe that the Lord has called our ministry to love and care for our neighbors by offering them accessible, quality healthcare.  You have the opportunity to radically transform the way Bulega Village and the Wakiso District of Uganda receive medical attention and, as a result, drastically improve their quality of life.  We need your partnership to help make this dream a reality.  

 Opening Day of Cherish Hospital, World AIDS Day, December 1st 2015

Opening Day of Cherish Hospital, World AIDS Day, December 1st 2015


Our Partners

Cherish Uganda has been immensely blessed to partner with Engineering Ministries International (EMI).  Every aspect of the design process, from master-planning to the critical details, has been undertaken by this group of expert architects and waste/ water, electrical and structural engineers. The beauty of this partnership is that each of these experts has raised his/her own support to live and work on behalf of projects like Cherish Health Center, at no cost to organizations like Cherish Uganda.  EMI also has a construction management team, in which they employ and mentor young men from the community that they are building in.