Our Story


In 2006, while visiting Uganda from the UK, Bev Murrill stood over the crib of a deathly ill, HIV positive child. Impacted by the social stigma and mortality rate associated with children suffering from HIV, Bev returned to the UK with a burden for what she saw and a dream to start an organization to help these children. When arriving back in the UK, Bev shared the story of what she experienced with her church, and thirty members felt called to the cause. Out of the original 30 philanthropists, nine of them traveled from the UK to Uganda to organize and plan. Rachel Parsons was appointed as the leader of the group, and just one year later in 2007, the first children arrived, marking the official opening of Cherish Uganda. 

Cherish Uganda is a faith-based, Christian NGO, that exists to bring hope and a future to children living with HIV. We are governed by a board of directors including both Ugandan and international members. Our leading team and management are made up of both National and International staff, united by purpose, passion, calling and faith in Christ. 

Cherish Uganda is affiliated to Christian Growth International, a network of churches from which the vision and inspiration for Cherish Uganda was birthed. 

We are based in Bulega Village in Wakiso District, Uganda.  The work of Cherish Uganda has evolved over the years as we change with the needs of the children we serve.

We desire to disciple the children living on-site at our boarding schools and those in our classrooms with the message of the Gospel. We are raising up future leaders of the community.  It is our hope to be a voice for children living with HIV/AIDS.  

Cherish Uganda is also the home of Cherish Primary School, which educates children living with HIV and the most vulnerable children living in the surrounding communities that lack access to education.  We believe that every child should be cherished and supported with the essentials to achieving their dreams.  Cherish Primary School strives to afford such opportunities to vulnerable individuals and embrace the privilege of sharing the Gospel through education.  


Jesus called the children to Him and said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
— Luke 18:16