Phillips Family Update

To follow up from the Phillips Family Announcement made in June (Click here to read), the Phillips made their move back to Austin in August, returning in time for their children to start the school year in Texas.

After getting life set up in Texas, Cherish CEO, Brent Phillips has already made the journey back to Uganda. Brent Phillips turned right back around to return to Cherish and continue working with his team there during this time of transition. Brent will spend a couple a few weeks in Uganda before returning to the states to adjust to his new home. 

Brent and Leah shared the following with their friends and family: 

"It was one month ago when we walked into our new home at 2:00 am and had so many things already there and set-up. We can't thank those that purchased things and set them up for us enough. It is a huge blessing and we are so, so grateful! Since that day we have set-up our home, enrolled the kids in school and our son, Luke, starts a new job today. We have purchased a car, insured said car, bought bikes for the kids, met our landlord, visited a couple of churches and are trying to figure out what life looks like now that we are living stateside. We are so thankful that we are in the same town as Amy and Leah's parents, excited to see what community will look like for our family moving forward and missing our Ugandan family something terrible."

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